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Area rugs are not only beautiful by adding color and style to any room, but they also help with the acoustics. With all the tile and hard wood floors in Florida, it’s not uncommon for me to enter a home and immediately notice an echo in the house. Rugs bring color to the floor level, help define the space and make the room feel cozy.

I offer a wide variety of rugs from hand tufted, hand knotted, hand loomed, flat weaves, shags, traditional and contemporary. We can select from in stock rugs to custom designing any color and pattern in standard and custom sizes. The hand knotted rugs coming from India take 3-4 months, but we also have rugs in stock that can be delivered within 7-10 days. I also offer outdoor, fade resistant rugs. Broadloom can also be cut and bound to any size and shape you need.

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