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I have been working with a local upholsterer for the last 7 years and couldn’t be happier with the quality and working relationship that we have developed. He is a second generation family owned business. I can bring a photo to him and he will create it for me while taking into consideration the construction and installation. He hasn’t backed down from any challenges I have brought him.

We have been working on rail cars since 2013. These are old trains that are privately owned and renovated. They are taken out on the tracks and used to travel throughout the country. When these cars are at their highest speeds they are in excess of 100 MPH. He recently constructed a 96” sofa for me which was assembled inside the railcar. He deconstructed an existing chair which was made to with stand these high speeds, and then mirrored the construction with the sofa. This sofa is indestructible.

He also made me sound panels for another client who makes U Tube videos and needed to soften the acoustics in their home office. I suggested we make sound panels that could look like a piece of art for one of the walls. We hung drapes on the windows and 2’ x 2’ ceiling panels. The panels were covered in velvet which will give you the maximum sound absorption. The room is now amazingly quiet.

The images of the barrels are old whisky barrels that were converted into seating to be used in a family game/billiard room. He made the seat like a mushroom so it fits securely and won’t move around when being used.

Not all projects are unique. We also make cushions, window seats, benches, upholstered headboards, and re-cover existing furniture. Re-upholstering a piece of furniture is almost as costly as purchasing new. Clients will re-cover family heirlooms or a piece that simply fits their body and is so comfortable that they don’t want to purchase new.

We can custom design any sofa or chair. You can choose the arm style, legs, cushions and back style and put any designer fabric on it. Your custom piece could be delivered to you in as little as 6 weeks rather than having to wait 12 weeks from a furniture store which limits you to the design and fabric choices. We can duplicate any ottoman of your liking also. The options are endless!!

I usually meet with the client, take photos if it’s an existing piece of furniture, and text it to the upholsterer. If time allows, he will text me back pricing and yardage requirements within minutes. If we move forward with the piece I will take it, providing it will fit in my van, or he will make arrangements to pick up and deliver the pieces.

If you have something you would like to have reupholstered, feel free to e mail me a photo and I can e mail you an estimate before even going to your home. You can also schedule an in home consultation.


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