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Clients have the misconception that wallpaper is a thing of the past. It is not……These wallpaper companies would not be investing in sample books and inventory if there was not a demand for it. I often suggest wallpaper as an accent wall or a warm addition to a powder room and the idea is dismissed even before I can finish my sentence. These papers are not Grandma’s papers from years ago. Don’t be fooled I still have some of those books for the more traditional clients.

I have paper murals that look like brick walls, wood, stone, concrete and so many more…..Take a look, you’ll be surprised how far wallpaper has come. These murals could even be a nice addition to an office or reception area. I also have the grass cloths which have always been a staple. So many clients tell me “this room needs something, it’s finished but it still needs some flair”. Wallpaper will add the little extra in any room.

I have a client living here in Florida who was originally from New York. She mentioned she wanted at least one room to feel like New York and we papered one wall with a NY Mural. She loves it and it’s one of the most talked about rooms in the house.

Consider paper, if you hate it, you can always remove it and paint the wall again. I have a great wallpaper hanger who is professional, prompt, courteous and does a terrific job for everyone he’s worked with. I’m sure you’ll be pleased.

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