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In all the years that I have been in the window fashions industry, I have never tired of drapes and sheers. They add warmth and color to any room regardless of the style of your home or office.  They can also add height as you’ll see in the photos of the ceiling to floor drapes I have done, as well as provide sound absorption for media rooms and rooms that are acoustically challenged. I’m not going to confuse you with all the choices that are available in the world of custom. There are many that would make the most educated individual become ambivalent about what’s the right application. Allow me to come into your home and look at your furnishings and lifestyle and I can make recommendations on what style would be best suited for your home, office or outdoor living space.

Drapes can be stationary which softens the window or doors and takes the edge off the drywall or metal windows, but can also be functional and provide light control and privacy. Puddling (fabric laying on the floor) has been a popular option for several years but is sometimes not appropriate especially if the drapes will be functional. My preference is a half inch off the floor but it's really a decision that should be made by the individual occupying the space. I will assist you in making the right choices but ultimately the decision is always yours. I want you to be happy with your space!!

Motorization is always an option with functional drapes and not as complicated as you may think. Many drapery rods can be motorized with a 110 outlet. Hiring an electrician for hard wiring is not always required. The 110 power cord is hidden behind the drape and can be operated with a hand held remote or wall switch.

Browse the many photos here and call or email me with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment for an in home consultation.

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