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Top treatments can be any valance covering the top of your window or door, such as swags and jabots, cornice boards, soft valances, board mounted valances, valances on medallions, etc. Many designers use different names for valances so don’t be discouraged if the description of what you want is not listed here. Drawings or photos of what you want are always helpful when determining what you like, but it’s not required. I have many photos we can browse through to find what you are looking for. I can make recommendations if you do not know what you want.

Top treatments are appropriate for any window or door that needs finishing with color or fabric. Sometimes drapes crowd the space and a top treatment is more proportionate to the space. Adding just a little bit of color to the space is all that’s needed.

I work with a local drapery work room which allows me the hands on I like to ensure the top treatment is fabricated in the manner in which we discussed. I can bring any photo to them and ask them to duplicate it and they will. They prefer the challenge. They are creative people and welcome the opportunity to get as creative as you would like them to. I feel truly blessed to have such a great team working with me to create beautiful and inviting window treatments for my clients.

You will enjoy the process from start to finish and I will make it as easy as possible for you to make decisions. The work room always delivers goods to me on time or ahead of schedule. Call or schedule an appointment online. I look forward to working with you!

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